Solar Panel Maintenance, Servicing & Repairs

To maintain optimum performance and energy delivery, more than just cleaning is necessary, a full program of maintenance, servicing and repairs is a vital part of any solar panel operation.

SolarMaintenance . System Repair Service

SolarMaintenance Solar Solutions provides a complete solar array testing, servicing and repair service on commercial rooftop and residential solar arrays. We can provide you with any or all of the following:
  • Energy production analysis
  • String testing
  • Voltage & current check
  • AC/DC connector check
  • Inverter testing
  • Junction box, isolator, distribution board and wiring inspection
  • Visual inspection of entire system for signs of damage
  • Test of parameters of system to ensure optimum efficiency
  • Labling check
  • Roof fixing and roof condition check
  • Advice, replacement of faulty parts and repairs, where necessary
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Frequently Asked Questions

SolarMaintenance offers end to end services for a all types of solar plant including panel cleaning, plant health inspection, site audits, monitoring and commissioning support and inverter error diagnosis and repair. We also serve any other on-demand issue for solar panels, inverters, combiner boxes or other equipment.

We are trying our best to define the gold standards of service in solar industry. Our expert team has 10+ years of industry experience and we work with a trained hyperlocal engineer so that we can get on your site and solve it the quickest. We have defined detailed standard operating procedure for each issue which makes our services stand out from the rest.

Absolutely. We recommend you to try out our on-demand services once. You can contact our support team for longer packages.

The cost of service depends on the plant size, the issue category and whether we are able to resolve the issue remotely or a site visit is required. Once the appointment is booked, our support executive calls you back in matter of minutes to understand the issue better and get back to you with the cost of the same.

Ofcourse. After our service you can contact us anytime if there's a fault in the system or if it requires more maintenance. Our support team is available 24x7 for our customers

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